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We provide merchandising and promotion companies

Customizing, meeting short-time delivery periods, and dealing with complex graphs

Digital printing
offers new opportunities

High-quality printing, no minimum order

We manufacture 100% printed textiles

No minimum order

From one item to hundreds of thousands.

Full print

You can design whatever comes to mind:
even with variable data printing.


High definition, highly resistant, and imperceptible to touch.

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We mainly manufacture for merchandising and promotion companies

• Trust
• Sales Tools
• Made in Europe

Digital printing offers new opportunities:

• Flexibility
• Short-time delivery period
• Complex graphs

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Over a hundred textiles made to model your graphs

Digital textile printing using an advanced management software for different design ideas  offering more  possibilities

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Specific events

A one-to-one marketing strategy is a tendency that results in an increase in the demand for fast manufacturing solutions for wholesale customization.

A product is never obsolete

You can design whatever comes to mind, even with variable inputs.


Exclusive product

It is possible to freely design without having to choose from preestablished catalogs or a small variety of colors. Make each production unique.

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What makes us different?

Made in Europe

We work with you

On demand

We manufacture anything you want, whenever you want it.

Customized design

All-included, unlimited design options: no mold making or punching additional costs.

Prompt delivery

We are committed to delivering your order on-time.

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About us

ZAK is part of the Stampa Team Group, a textile company with over 20 years manufacturing men and women’s clothing in Spain and Asia. It manufactures all types of quality textiles, meeting the deadlines regardless of the amount ordered (up to millions of items) at the best competitive rates in the market.

What we do

We manufacture textiles with up to 100% printed area.

  • In record time: 15-working days from the date the design is approved
  • Top quality printing
  • Shipping all over Europe

Our products

  • Advertising and special event T-shirts: without limiting the designers’ creativity
  • All type of garments: short-sleeve and long-sleeve T-shirts for men and women, dresses, skirts, and much more.

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